• Takkure

    Takkure is a metal miniature board game with the rules of rugby, in a cyberpunk future. Illustrated by Kazu, created by RamPer Design and edited by Zenit miniatures.

  • Kensei

    Kensei is a battle game with miniatures units, to be played by two or more players.

    When choosing a clan, you’ll have at your disposal different types of units to deal with your enemies, providing each faction a very strong personality which differentiate an army of other clans.

  • Nemesis

    Nemesis is a combat game with miniatures set in the magical world of Miter, a place where ancient races clash in an acient war. In it, you take control of a force composed of small specilist warriors units and their heroic leaders in an agile, dynamic and high content tactical fighting.

  • Torii

    Torii is a skirmish wargame created by Miniaturas y Wargames, using the Kensei range of miniatures from Zenit Miniatures¬.
    With Torii you will be able to use all the miniatures range of Kensei to create skirmishes between the different clans, aiming to accomplish the missions from their Taisho.

  • Zenit Reload
  • Last Saga

    Last Saga is a skirmishes wargame with miniatures of 32mm where players take command of a small Combat Forcecomposed of between 6 and 12 miniaturesconfronting in fast combats full of tactics and action. 

    Last Saga is set in a universe of science fiction where different factions fight against each otherHumanity has reached the stars and it is in an open confrontation between the races that inhabit them. 

  • Fantasy Football
  • Set de Pintura
  • Dados

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