Takkure Core Box (ESP)

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Takkure Core Box

Takkure is a metal miniature board game with the rules of rugby, in a cyberpunk future. Illustrated by Kazu, created by RamPer Design and edited by Zenit miniatures.


Takkure is the evolution of XXI century rugby. A sport adapted to the scarce space in the megacities: quick, fast paced, violent… where the players are media stars, adored as heroes.

Dare to enter the Takkure universe.

This box contains:

- 4 Yamato figures and their cards

- 4 Teriomorph figures and their cards

- Play cards deck: 13 generic for each team, 8 for Yamato and 8 for Teriomorph

- Play field

- 2x Trainer boards

- Playtime board

- 6x 12-sided dice (D12) 3 red and 3 yellow

- Tokens

- Rulers and scatter template